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 Rambooo birds for sale

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PostSubject: Rambooo birds for sale   Tue Dec 28, 2010 12:55 am


1) Sable green dominant pied ( Picture no 10 )
Parents: Sable green dompied cock x Sable yellowbulls
Age: 2.5 mos old
Gender: Too young to tell
Price: 1.5K each

2) 2nd Gen. Olive Persopied ( Picture # 11 )
Parents: Mauve Personata Cock x 1st Gen Olive Persopied Hen
Age: 2.5 mos old
Gender: Too young to tell
Price: 2K each

3) Olive dompied ( Proven hen )
Age: 1.5 Years Old
Price: SOLD

4) Mauve Dominant Pied ( Proven hen )
Parents: Sable DF violet clearpied cock x Mauve Dompied Hen
Age: 1.2 years Old
Price: 1.5K each

5) Sable Cobaltblue dompied cock x Sable DF Violet dompied Hen ( Proven Pair )
Status: Proven
Age: both 1.6 years Old
Price: 3.5K/Pair

6) Sable Violet Dompied ( picture no. 12 )
Parents: Sable DF Violet Clearpied cock x DF Spangle Violet Hen
Age: 2.5 mos old
Gender: Too young to tell
Price: 1.3K each

7) PF Green/Opaline/Fallow Cock X PF Lutino Pied Fallow
Status: Proven Pair to produce fallow opalines
Price: 2.2K/Pair

Cool OF Green/Opaline/Ino/WF cock x WF Mauve Pied hen
Status: Proven pair to produce WH Opalines
Price: 1.5K/Pair

9) Green Fischers ( Pix # 01 & 03 )
Parents: Sable Green Clearpied cock x Double Golden Clearpied Hen
Age: 2.5 mos old
Gender: too young to tell
Price: 500 each

10) Green Personata ( Pix # 02 )
Parents: Green Personata cock x Blue Personata Hen
Age: 5 mos old
Gender: Not sure
Price: 500 each

11) 2nd Gen Olive Persopied ( Pix # 04 )
Parents: Mauve Personata Cock X 1st Gen Olive Persopied Hen
Age: 4.5 mos old
Gender: Not sure
Price: 2K each

12) OF Fallow Mauve rump cock x OF Rosemask Hen
Status: Matured pair not yet proven
Price: 1.5K/pair

13) WH Ino Opaline ( Pix # 09 )
Parents: OF Green/Opaline/Ino/WF Cock x WF Mauve Pied hen
Gender: Hen by sexlink
Age: 3.5-4 mos old
Price: 1K each

14) WF Violet Pied, WF Mauve, WF Mauve Pied ( All split cinamon-Ino if male )
Parents: WF DF Violet Pied/Opaline cock x WF Cinnamon-Ino Hen
Age: 2 mos old
Gender: Too young to tell
Price: VIolet Pied P 500 pix# 08, Mauve P 300 pix# 07, WF Mauve Pied P 300 pix# 06

15) Blue Fischer Pix # 05
Parents: DF Violet Clearpied cock x DF Spangle Violet Hen
Age: 3 mos old
Gender: Not sure
Price: P 300 each

16) WF SF Violet cock ( possible split Opa ) x WF Aqua Torquiose Hen
Natural flight Pairing ( Not yet proven )
Age: 11 mos up
Status: Male & Female
Price: P 800/Pair

17) OF Pallid/Opaline/Lutino cock x PH Lime Opaline Hen
Status: Proven pair
Age: 2 years old
Price: 2K/Pair

18) Sable DF Pastel Violet proven Hen, WH Aqua Torquiose Opaline proven hen, PF Green/Opaline/DF Violet
Status: DF Vio Proven # 19 P 900/Each, WH Aqua Torquiose Opaline Proven Hen # 20 P 1.5K each, PF Green/Opaline/DF Violet # 18 P 600 each

19) WF Bluepied/cinamon if male( pix no. 13 )
Parents: WF Violet pied/cinnamon cock x WF DF cinamon violet hen
Age: 2.5 mos old
Gender: Too young to tell
Price: P 400.00 each

20) WF Cinamon Violet/WF Edge( pix # 14 )
Parents: WF Edge/cinnamon cock x WF DF Violet Hen
Age: 2.5 mos old
Gender: Hen by sexlink
Price: P 700.00 each

21) WF Cobaltblue/Ino ( Proven cock )( pix# 01)
Parents: WF DF Violet cock x WF Ino Hen
Age: 1 year old up
Gender: Male
Price: P 400 each

22)PF Green/Fallow posible/cinnamon if male ( pix # 02 )
Parents: WF Violet pied/cinamon cock x PF Lutino Pied Fallow
Age: 1 year old up
Gender: Not sure
Price: P 400 each

Please text 09178035623 and look for Jun Gamas...Paki indicate username & Location when inquiring. Price negotiation will only be entertained after seeing the Birds Personally. Everybody is welcome to visit my Mini Aviary... Very Happy Very Happy Smile Smile

Last edited by ramboooo on Sat Jan 01, 2011 12:50 pm; edited 3 times in total (Reason for editing : to be more clear)
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PostSubject: Re: Rambooo birds for sale   Fri Feb 04, 2011 1:40 pm

up for you sir jun
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PostSubject: Re: Rambooo birds for sale   Wed Mar 02, 2011 9:43 am

up up up! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Rambooo birds for sale   

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Rambooo birds for sale
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